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Discover and engage with the rich heritage of Sikhism

Experience the spirit of community through our initiative inspired by Guru Nanak Sahib Ji's Langar - offering a unique opportunity for "Agency Franchise Ownership."

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Sikhprojects.org is all about

  • Complimentary Franchise Ownership

  • We have successfully secured franchise ownership without cost for our community members, valuing over $100,000 with a monthly potential of $500 USD.

  • Ease of Operation

  • Create advertising videos with minimal effort using our ready-made templates. Simply add images, logos, or client information, and your product is market-ready.

  • Inclusive Empowerment

  • Our initiatives are rooted in the faith and teachings of “Siri Guru Granth Sahib” Ji, open to Sikhs who are committed to these principles.

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  • Zero Investment Franchise

  • This franchise is our gift to the community, requiring no financial contribution from you.

  • Innovative Product

  • We specialize in highly sought-after 'Subliminal Psychological Programming' (SPP) and 'Call-to-Action' (CTA) videos, recommended by leading social media platforms.

Franchise Benefits

Specialized Training

Comprehensive training is provided to ensure you can maximize the franchise's potential and your income.

A Gift from Waheguru Ji

This career opportunity is a blessing for those dedicated to maintaining their Sikh heritage by keeping their hair and turban.

No Cost Franchise

A significant opportunity valued at $100,000 with an additional earning potential of $500/month, provided absolutely free to uphold the Sikh identity.

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Collaborative Opportunities at HVCA

Join the forefront of innovation with HVCA. We are looking for partners, creators, and visionaries who share our dedication to excellence and innovation. We welcome you to be part of this journey. Share your ideas, and let’s create something remarkable together. To discuss potential collaborations, please reach out to us at [email protected].

Why Collaborate with HVCA?

Global Reach: As a leading entity in our field, collaborating with HVCA opens the door to international exposure and a broad audience.

Expertise and Growth:  Benefit from our industry expertise, and grow your professional and personal skills through joint projects and initiatives.

Community Impact: Make a difference by being part of projects that give back to the community and foster long-term positive outcomes.


Inclusive Community Initiative

Embrace the chance to combine your heritage and entrepreneurial spirit with SikhProjects.org's unique franchise offering.






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Other Projects

Education "Langar"

Embark on an educational journey from kindergarten through college, enriched by the wisdom of "Siri Guru Granth Sahib" Ji. Our program fosters character, integrity, and compassion, aiming to uplift both individuals and society. Join Punjab's vision for a better future through inclusive education.

Langar Projects

Annually, our LANGAR event promotes Sikh/Turban awareness, inviting everyone to share a vegetarian meal and give back to US communities. With celebrity endorsements and social media reach, we're taking Sikh generosity worldwide. Join us to foster unity and make a global impact.

Sikhs are governed by 3 Main Principles

Naam Japna

Meditate in One God's name

Kirat Karna

Work Hard & Make Honest living

Vand Chakna

Share with others

"Truth is High - Higher still is Truthful Living"

-Guru Nanak

These are principles Sikhs live by...

Sikhs are ordered to bow and worship the ONE and Only "Guru Granth Sahib".

"Guru Granth Sahib" is the only Holy Scripture written and compiled by the Gurus themselves.

Sikhs believe that every woman and man has the same equal status before God, who created the universe and all the faiths.

Sikhism was established during 1500s by the 1st Guru or Prophet, Guru Nanak. After his death in 1539 , Nine Gurus succeeded him. The last living Guru, Guru Gobind Singh died in 1708. Sikhism was established during 1500s by the 1st Guru or Prophet, Guru Nanak. After his death in 1539 , Nine Gurus succeeded him.

 All men and some women cover their hair with turbans as mark of their faith. “Sikh” means “seeker of knowledge” in Punjabi language. It can also be understood as “Student” a student that follows the teachings of the “Guru” (Teacher).

Sikhism, the world's 5th largest monotheistic religion, has 27 million followers globally, with the majority in India and significant communities in the U.S. and Canada. The faith centers around the Golden Temple in Amritsar and worship in Gurdwaras, where adherents honor the Guru Granth Sahib, practice equality, and observe traditions like covering their heads and sitting on the floor.

After Services, Sikhs partake in Langar, a communal meal, typically of Punjabi vegetarian food donated, cooked and served by volunteers. In these meals, everyone is welcomed to join without regard to a person’s status or religion.

Holly Book is covered, respected and placed on a higher throne with an attendant present. Sikhs encourage not only their own but everyone to develop their moral character through generosity, humility, self-less service and love for the Lord.

Throughout history, there have been many records of Sikhs fighting for the freedom to worship not just for themselves, but for all religions. Sikhs are hardworking, respectful, generous and enterprising by nature. Sikhs have always believed that every individual has the right and freedom to worship and practice their religion according to their choice. Sikhs have helped in fighting against these kinds of tyranny. Matter of fact the 9th Guru gave his life to protect Kashmiri Hindus from conversions by Muslim's.