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Keeping Traditions Alive

The franchise remains free as long as the commitment to Sikh traditions is honored.

Welcoming Back Strayed Members

Those who have strayed from the path are given a grace period to realign with their heritage and regain this opportunity.

Income Opportunities for Sikh Organizations and Gurdwaras Worldwide

  • Agency Franchise LANGAR: Encourage your Sangat to explore our "FREE Agency Franchise LANGAR." Qualified individuals fluent in English can join without any franchise or monthly fees, a value of $100,000 and $500/month. They can immediately earn through commissions.

  • Affiliate Program: Gurdwaras and Sikh organizations can generate additional funds through our Affiliate Program. Every transaction by a Sangat member through your affiliate link contributes to your organization's income, supporting the wider mission of Sikhi promotion.

  • Program Structure

    To participate, the Gurdwara President or Treasurer, or equivalent in your organization, must:

  • Administer a nominal fee for processing affiliate commissions ($100 to $75 per agency/month).

  • Offer free agencies/franchises through your unique link, allowing you to earn from the business conducted by your Sangat members.


To qualify: You must have 4 items below with your name on them:

'FREE Franchise' applicants must:
1: Know English,
and Communicate well via Email / Americans &
Have a computer with high-speed internet!

Both 'FREE Franchise' and Gurdwara/ORG applicants must have:
2: PAYPAL Account
(only way to get your commissions paid)
If not, set-up account at: Paypal.com  (must have - then apply)

Both must email Picture ID:
3: Driver's Lisc. / Passport / ADHAR Card (India)

email copy to: ID@SikhProjects.com

4: ALL must be Turbaned Sikh with hair.  Singhni's welcomed too!
(if you slipped away, then you have 3 months to prove your hair).

Please Sign-up Below - ONLY after you have met ALL above requirements!

Plus, Attest that YOU believe in:
ONE and ONLY ONE 'Siri Guru Granth Sahib' Ji

Do You Have?