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Application for Sikhs
(In India)
( others choose a different application  above) 

'FREE Agency Franchise' LANGAR

To: Sign-up scroll down....

To qualify: You must have 4 items below withyourname on it:

1: Know English,
andCommunicatevia Email with Americans &
Have a computer with High Speed internet

2:PAYPAL Account
(only way to getyour commissions paid)
If not,set-up account at: Paypal.com  (must have - then apply)

3:  ADHAR Card   email copy to:  [email protected] 4: Be aTurbaned Sikhwith hair.  Singhni'sare included.(if you slipped away, then you have 3 months to prove your hair).Also, be Alcohol/Intoxicant free --- Can't QUIT? Keep Praying honestly from-the-heart, to Waheguruji and HE will make it happen. HE listens.

Please Sign-up ONLY after you have met ALL above requirements!

Plus, Attest that YOU believe in: ONE and ONLY ONE 'Siri Guru Granth Sahib' Ji

Do You Have?

FREE Agency is for Sikhs who believe in
ONLY ONE “SGGS” & NO other Granth!