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"Adopt-a-School" Project
Join This Noble Project!

HeadingWith Wahuru Jis
As you may know, we are working on a high-end, "Convent" school type, highest quality of education for our community.

Convent schools are based on Christian values. Our Sikh schools & colleges will be based on ONE and ONLY ONE "Siri Guru Granth Sahib" Ji and Guru Nanak Sahib's principals.

The comradery of these kinds of Ivy league schools is huge. They are the ones that produces future leaders.
(e.g. Capt Amrinder Singh and Rajiv/Sonia Gandhi friendship, they were in the same Ivy league schools. Then US President George W Bush Jr. - even though some Americans called him unworthy. However, since he was graduate from Ivy league colleges, he became the President of United States, examples are everywhere of this kind of elite education).

Our vision
is to start SIKH (convent type) schools of the Top quality from -- Kindergarten to College, then to Universities and on and on, based on Guru Nanak Sahib & ONE and ONLY ONE "Siri Guru Granth Sahib" Ji's principals.

With Waheguru Ji's Blessings, after successfully rolling out our "Agency Ownership LANGAR" , this is our next LANGAR project -- work has already started.....

A child born TODAY will be ready to get into a career world (after college) by about age 18-20.

WE CAN - and with Waheguru Ji's Blessings  WE WILL - change our NEXT generation -- To grow up with SGGS and Guru Nanak Sahib's principals of:
1: Naam Japna (Meditate in Lord's Name)
2: Kirat Karna (Do Honest & Hard work)
3: Wand Chakna (Sharing and helping others)

So, if you feel you would like to be part of this project then please fill-out the form below:

Also, at the bottom comments section,  please elaborate & tell us HOW you would like to help?eg: Tan (physically), Mun (your intellect), Dhan (monetary contributions) ?