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Our Mission!

With Waheguru Ji's Blessings!

We want to provide employment and business

opportunities for our TURBANED Sikhs
(specially Sikh youth in Punjab and globally)


Thus, with Waheguru Ji’s Grace and Blessings!

We are offering this Digital Online Agency/Franchise FREE -- www.SikhProjects.com

to our Turbaned Sikhs -- Singhs and Singhni’s included!

(Those Sikhs who strayed away from our precious Sikhi, will have 3 months
to grow their hair and start back to wearing their Guru Ji’s given crown of Turban/Dastar).


Other Projects we are working on:

Education LANGAR --  with Waheguru Ji's kirpa, I was educated in convent schools,
thus this motivation for “EDUCATION LANGAR”.The idea is to provide the
highest quality (convent school type) education to everyone
based on Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s and Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji's principals.

Without any tuition fee worries -- from KG to College graduation and beyond.
We believe we can change and bring up our next generation with
HIGHEST Ethics, Honesty and Integrity -- the way our Guru's from Guru Nanak Sahib Ji to Guru Gobind Singh Ji
wanted their Sikhs to be.

--- ‘Global Online Digital Stores’ ownership “LANGAR” for our
Turbaned Sikhs (our sisters are of course included in everything).

---  Another LANGAR I forgot to mention, is:
“America Appreciation LANGAR”
“Canada Appreciation LANGAR”,
“Australia Appreciation LANGAR” etc. etc. this will spread globally.